Apr 24
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Emmaunuelle meets Tasha, who she will teach all about earthly desires, sex and love.

52 Responses to “Watch Emmanuelle 3: A Lesson in Love Online”

  1. rogue says:


  2. fainmom says:

    can’t wacth T^T

  3. gaga says:


  4. barunn555 says:

    WHAT A EROTIC>>>nice

  5. grandthorn says:

    great movie

  6. hamburgerbunz says:

    Very erotic. I love it. c; <3

  7. aswin says:

    seeeexxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……….. luv it……..

  8. lareto says:

    very good

  9. lareto says:

    very good and nice movie

  10. dem says:

    Nice nice )

  11. duzo says:

    very good one!

  12. mihaiset says:

    can’t watch it

  13. jadeheart says:

    very romantic movie and it will give you uneasy sit

  14. sky says:

    This is great classic erotic movie 🙂

  15. kysiminh says:


  16. koki9 says:


  17. mask says:


    This is damn good.. awesome!!!!

  18. Caliban says:

    damn good movie lol

  19. voduyhai says:


  20. macurga says:


  21. ssshh! says:


  22. nurcahaya93 says:


  23. android07 says:

    very sexy movie…

  24. jessy says:

    gr8 movie

  25. pandhubhaskoro says:

    awesome…sexy movie

  26. indika911 says:

    same series

  27. ivle says:

    Great movie

  28. meocon says:

    ha ghe hehehe

  29. torai221188 says:

    Oh my God!

  30. buxp1402 says:

    romantic and sexy movies

  31. Lee says:

    a real turn on…!

  32. izzangel says:

    a great erotic film 😀

  33. jackel99 says:

    A great sexy movie…

  34. Chouhar says:


  35. ngocdh says:

    so sexy, i love girl

  36. jackson says:


  37. dickjones00 says:

    i love emanuelle and i watched many of her movies

  38. kate says:

    nice film 🙂

  39. mileniak says:

    nice movie

  40. vecliuc says:

    very nice movie

  41. michal says:

    nice video. keep it up

  42. abhisheksood247 says:

    vivid entertainment… nice movie..

  43. giljun says:

    When watched this movies my penis jump out in my pants.

  44. Schlingel says:

    Great !

  45. lovepower says:

    good movie

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