Mar 26
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A group of New Yorkers get caught up in their romantic-sexual milieu converge at an underground salon infamous for its blend of art, music, politics, and carnality.

48 Responses to “Watch Shortbus Online (2006)”

  1. Evan says:

    Very funny movie…

  2. Alex says:

    nice…recomand to all

  3. Grigoriy says:

    Yes it is quite good

  4. ludi71 says:

    Very Funny……

  5. GianPaul says:

    I remember this movie. I wanna get on the bus!

  6. Elcano says:


  7. rage says:

    This movie is fun to watch. Nice one

  8. gayan says:

    Very very funny movie & I remember it

  9. howtosayang says:

    good idea and nice movie!

  10. kondomce says:

    nice movie. tnx

  11. alonemrinal says:

    Seems like an interesting story. Need to watch it…

  12. lyfah says:

    sound interesting

  13. zishnu says:

    Interesting!!!! Everybody will find something new on it.

  14. D_MAN says:

    very nice movie

  15. sb110 says:

    good and sexy movie

  16. mihaiset says:

    awesome.. thanks!

  17. mrgrace says:

    I feel fun of watching, good views for the person who like more on sex

  18. for99lan says:

    Nice & very funny movie…

  19. cristysn87 says:

    Nice…. Very nice

  20. akrs1100 says:

    Looks good.I will try to buy a DVD of it or may download and watch it.

  21. curey says:

    very funny movie!

  22. estel88 says:

    It’s a very interesting movie about relationships, sex & loneliness. It’s funny to watch and it feels surprisingly sweet in the end! Highly recommended!!

  23. saston08 says:

    i like it..awesome..

  24. damianw says:

    looks good!

  25. goutham says:

    very nice..

  26. hans says:

    unsimulated movie….very hot. Good job. Add more mainstream movie with unsimulated sex.

  27. chikern says:

    nice movie

  28. kayaba says:

    Very prety!

  29. indika911 says:

    like XXX

  30. Thomas Mathew says:

    nice movie ….. i liked it want to watch it on DVD

  31. very funny!!!!!nice movie

  32. johnalyn says:

    cool and very funny..

  33. SUJOY says:


  34. krishan says:

    pretty nice collection.

  35. ngocdh says:

    have sex on bus, why not 😀

  36. gettyfv says:

    nice movie

  37. Cornel37 says:

    cool film very funny !!

  38. theresa17 says:

    ahehehhe idol!!!!

  39. Miba says:

    Yea why not, it’s not so bad to watch it 😉

  40. mrrm26 says:

    haha! really funny!

  41. chel says:

    I remember this when I was in college… Everybody loved this! RECOMMENDED!

  42. SuccessDoll says:

    Great Movie !! It’s funny and entertaining

  43. Giang Nguyen Huong says:

    This film is very funny :))

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